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Ahmedabad, India


Through a series of hard and soft ribbons, the design maximizes the effectiveness of the linear remains of the site. At the ground level, granite paths morph into undulating landscape walls, rising and falling within the courtyards, creating a topographical garden oasis viewable from the interior. The long, narrow rear perimeter is softened through green walls and native shrubs and ground covers, interrupted by a monolithic white granite plaza that turns upward to define the employee entrance.


Terraces on the third and fourth floors, through vertical and horizontal movements, increase the perception of space and depth. Plants vary in height and porosity across these changes, creating a layering effect across the landscape.

An innovative planting design, through careful selection of native and drought-tolerant plants, winds through the landscape, defining spaces and instilling a sense of exploration. Low impact lighting at strategic locations highlight forms across the landscape, changing the spatial qualities of the site at night.

india green wall
ground plan.jpg
india green wall
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