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1. Research

In-depth data selection and analysis are fundamental parts of the research that goes into each of our projects. Based on sustainability and ecological design as guiding principles, our research process carefully examines individual data points leading to well-founded and coherent outcomes.  

2. Community Engagement 

A key component of estudioOCA’s work, in particular when working on climate resilience projects, is being able to deliver solid professional outcomes, while providing our clients, both public and private, with a comprehensive understanding of the proposed strategies that might be applicable to that particular project.  For example, estudioOCA develops and facilitates workshops and provides personalized training to stakeholders on climate change mitigation strategies.

3. Strategy

We integrate our science-based research with landscape architecture, urban planning and design to assist in site analysis identifying critical areas affected by flood, drought and erosion within urban and rural contexts in collaboration with our team of engineers, technicians, international institutions and municipal agencies.

4. Implementation

Building upon extensive North American, Asian, and European project experience, we combine contemporary landscape theory with local knowledge and history, creating successful, contextually sensitive landscapes and urban spaces. Sustainability is at the core of estudioOCA’s identity; we are knowledgeable on the most current applied technologies and practices related to landscape architecture and urban design. We integrate ecological, social, and contextual elements with professional enthusiasm and dedication to produce outstanding projects.

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