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Bangkok, Thailand


Conceived as a demonstration project designed to adapt to extreme flooding conditions, this development integrates housing, retail, cultural facilities, and park space into an extended community, all floating in a central Bangkok waterway.

To provide successful public space in a region with unrelenting heat, a primary focus was on developing a variety of spaces covered in shade throughout the day. Through a series of topographic formations, via both landscape and architecture, parkland, plazas, and gardens are created that are both inviting and comfortable.

The network of floating paths define the project, connecting the internal community programs and integrating them into the surrounding neighborhood. The complexity purposely introduced into the path network serves multiple purposes; it provides safety through a multitude of navigational routes through the development, it creates visual interest, and helps define and differentiate public and private space.

The perimeter has been transformed into an asset for the larger community with the creation of new public spaces connected with a continuous pedestrian and bicycle paths, which ties into an expanded citywide network. An allee of canopy trees line these paths, while strategic landforms provide opportunities for recreation and relaxation within densely planted landscapes. New wetlands formed along the water edge filter runoff and provide habitat for native ecosystems.

bangkok nha housing
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