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Barcelona, Spain


Preserving the image of the wave, this proposal for the pavement of the central promenade of La Rambla creates a paved tapestry at its centre. The central pavement is framed on both sides by square pavers that run the width of the tree wells. Pavers are made of prefabricated concrete slabs with two tonal values for each color, thanks to the two different textures, polished and sandblasted. The chromatic variations bring variety to some stretches and avoid uniformity in the walk. The grey pavement surfaces absorb change in geometry of the route of the promenade, and chromatically create a neutral zone around the mosaic of Joan Miro. The lateral edges that make the transition between the roadway and the central tapestry are dark grey.

estudioOCA - LaRambla_airial.tif
estudioOCA - LaRambla_pavers-wave.tif
estudioOCA - LaRambla_miro.tif
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