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Jinzhou, China


We envision this project as an opportunity to reach a large number of people, where we are able to showcase the use of native plants in a region and country that has been going through extensive ecological changes in a short period of time. We hope to bring a fresh perspective to these plants and their original habitats, using the pavilion to showcase, through graphic materials, the different ecosystems where the plans originate.


Visitors will navigate and explore over and between the waves of vegetation, experiencing the ribbons of different plantings. The pavilion is a simple rectangular concrete structure. From this building, visitors can have different visual experiences: contemplate the garden on one side and the water feature on the other. The building, due to its concrete construction, will keep visitors cool during the summer months. It is envisioned that the pavilion could contain a small cafe and related services, allowing visitors to sit and relax, enjoying the garden from a social perspective. Without containing fixed fixtures and furniture, the pavilion provides a flexible space, allowing for uses such as art exhibits and performances, as well as other cultural and social activities. The pavilion's green roof is an important feature that will showcase the importance of the environmental design.

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