2008 / WITH RLRA

In collaboration with RLRA, estudioOCA produced a long-range master plan for the future development of the city of Pittsburg, California. A year-long study of the city's natural resources, demographics, and growth patterns influenced the recommendations for future transportation and recreational needs. estudioOCA looked at existing and future land use and population growth and developed a plan for future park and open space locations, along with recommendations for rehabilitation of existing parks.

estudioOCA studied existing and future transportation needs and developed a network of pedestrian and bicycle trails linking all parks and open spaces in the city. These trails utilized existing resources such as creeks, watersheds, and undeveloped lands to provide safe and efficient links between parks.

In addition to off-street trails, estudioOCA developed a system of street development guidelines for a hierarchy of streets, integrating multiple modes of transportation along key corridors, allowing automobiles, mass transit, bicycles, and pedestrians to safely coexist. The master plan was developed modularly, allowing projects to be phased in over the next 15 years.