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Quebec, Canada


The Remix Garden acknowledges the longstanding tradition of the influence, borrowing, and stealing of ideas throughout the arts, from Andy Warhol and Richard Prince, to the popularization of sampling in music. While also widespread in the design fields, it is seldom acknowledged. Sampling iconic elements of previous Metis gardens, the Remix Garden reorganizes, distorts, and exaggerates these elements to create an entirely new garden experience.

The garden starts by taking the forms from the "Round Up Garden", exaggerating their spatial proximities, forming the basis of a new garden with an extreme topography. The "HaHa!" garden is projected across the topography, informing the garden planting and organizing the circulation which is physically generated with wooden planks inspired by the "Blue Stick Garden".

The new Remix Garden forms its experience with its extreme topography, planted heavily in typical garden plants, forming a lush vegetal garden with meandering paths conforming to the rising and falling grade. At lower points, the visitor is fully immersed in the garden environment, coming into close contact with the garden plants. As the paths climb up the topography, the visitor emerges out of the vegetation and is provided with views out of the garden.

quebec 1.png
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